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Animal Custom Drums Review
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Tourer by Animal Drums

Tourer by Animal

Packed with high end features but still easy on the wallet our Tourer by Animal Range offers all standard shell sizes, choice of wrapped, stained or exotic veneers and that classic Birch tone. Perfect for the gigging and recording drummer.



Custom Drums

Custom Series

Keep it classic or go radical, our flagship custom series gives you exactly what youre after, Birch, Maple, Mahogany, Bubinga, full exotic shells, combination shells, acrylics. Choose your lugs, hoops, spurs, bearing edges, absolutely everthing can be designed to your specific requirements.


Stave Shells

Stave Shells

The finest hardwoods turned on the lathe, bringing out the truest characteristics of your chosen material. The ultimate in snare drums and finished beautifully with hand rubbed wax. We also produce raw stave shells for the DIY drum builder project


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