About us

Animal Custom Drums run a small manufacturing workshop
in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Formed in 2006, Animal have produced kits and snares of all styles,
all of which represented the highest quality at reasonable prices.

We manufacture our ply drum shells in house using a
blend of traditional techniques with modern technology.

Our shells are constructed using a mixture of Steel and Wood,
solid walled drum molds, designed to our specification.
The shells are cold formed and cured for 24hrs before removal from the mold.
This in our opinion gives the ultimate sounding shell
with noticably more resonance and natural tone over mass
produced hot formed drum shells

Our Stave snare shells, available as complete snares or raw shells
are also made and turned in house, our in house production
of all vital elements allows us full control of quailty and custom detailing.


Custom Drums
Animal Custom Drums
AC Drums
Ply drum shells
Custom Drums
Animal Custom Drums
AC Drums

Ply Shells

Our ply drum shells begin as ply sheets or usually as raw veneer, the veneer is very thin, usually around 0.6mm and requires pressing first into ply, its then easier to work with and bends into our formers.

We produce shells in all diameters and upto square in depth. The shells thickness range from 4.5mm upto 10mm dependant on your preference.



Stave Shells
Custom Drums
Animal Custom Drums
AC Drums

Stave Shells

Stave shells begin life as timber planks, planed true and cut into Staves, the staves are glued forming a cylinder. This is then mounted to the lathe and turned to the required diameter and thickness, whilst on the lathe we can also add rebates to the shell for inlays. All lathe work is carried out by hand on our trusty Union Graduate lathe.


Order Process

Its real simple. If you have particular specification in mind, just drop us an email with your ideas. Remember to include shell sizes, shell material, finish and any hardware specifics you may have - colour, style etc. We'll get back to you within 24hours, but usually within a couple of hours.

If you have a particular sound your looking for but unsure of how to acheive that, just describe what you need and we'll come back to you with some suggestions.

The Drum Maker

Hi, Im Carl, the owner of Animal Custom Drums. I'll deal with you from day one. I'll answer your emails, put your quote together, make your shells, everything. I made my first snare drum aged 16, im 37 now so a fair bit of experience. I studied Civil Engineering at Leeds University but was lucky enough to ditch the office life and pursue my love of drums.  This business is a passion, not just a salary, I dont belive in silly price tags, hype and gimmicks, just quality drums made with the passion of a drummer for a drummer.





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