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Whether you know exactly what you want, or have a sound you have been chasing for years we can help make it happen. Shell material, sizes, bearing edges, finishes, the sky is the limit.
If you know what you want, just tell us. If youre unsure, the best starting point is to describe the style of music you play, or the sound youre looking to acheive and a rough budget and we'll give you some options.

We specialise in classic design, natural or stained with a simple oiled finish, but there a 100's of wrapped finishes available too. At this time we dont offer a paint or lacquer finish on any of our products.

Our Tourer by Animal series is exactly the same top end quality, its just been made to sell rather than made to order. If lead times put you off placing a custom drum kit order keep an eye on our social media or our online Store for our ready to ship Drum Kits and Snare Drums in the Tourer by Animal Range, these are usually heavily discounted.

Whether you choose custom drums or Tourer by Animal, everything starts with the drum shell. Weve been making drum shells since 2006. We cold press our veneer, then our shells - This for us is vital, and one of the single most important factors when comparing boutique drum companies such as ourselves against mass production drum companies. Wood is a natural material, the more things done to it that changes its natural state the more effect it has on the way it performs. Cold formed shells will have greater resonance and natural tone and pitch than their hot formed counterparts.

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